SAGU Valor develops men and women into effective global leaders through Christ-centered education and practical ministry training.

At SAGU Valor, we often state that doctors are trained in a hospital, chefs are trained in a kitchen; why should a future church leader be limited to a classroom? SAGU Valor students do ministry in the local church every single week. Our graduates have experienced great success because we teach everything with 5 core ideas in mind:


Passion for God

It is important that our students develop a comprehensive theology of God: who He is, what He has done for us, and the depths of His love. A good understanding compels steadfast devotion, a passion for His presence, and a lifetime of purpose.



Teachability begins with a sound education in the classroom then continues beyond walls with practical experience. Our students discover the importance of being teachable and graduate with a willingness to learn wherever God leads them.

Work Ethic

Diligence and excellence in our work provides fertile ground for God’s work in our lives. Our students learn the value of a strong work ethic in the service of God and each other.


We honor God and each other with integrity by having the courage to speak what we believe and act according to what is right. According to scripture, we believe in the value of every person and seek to honor one another above ourselves.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: A servant leader must seek to serve first, rather than to be served first. Our culture teaches people to serve themselves, while we teach students that leadership is about serving others. Servant leadership is not a means to get what you want, but a means to give others what they need.